Community Gardens: Beyond Food Deserts

In the spirit of brief-readings and collaboration I am determined to keeping this one tidy, simple, photo-or-link based, and green!

Audubon Dallas

At Audubon Dallas with a guardian of the marsh. The rest of the blog makes more sense, promised.

I am excited about learning from and collaborating with new mentors, team members, and partnering with Paul Quinn College. Thinking short, medium and long term and hoping for the result of our efforts to help others as we transform ourselves. Besides those posted by professor Canales on Blackboard, here are a few more preliminary sources:

1. An Urban Anthropology course put this article about Harlem’s community gardens in my path: Sokolovsky Civic Ecology, Urban Elders

2. Community gardens foster relations among people who otherwise may not intersect: elder wisdom, youthful can-do, middle-aged entrepreneurial expertise and commitment to the community they were raised or set roots (or a life cycle) into.

a) Paris – My friend Mary, a recently French-naturalized American and her involvement in Jardins due Ruisseau the community gardens of her arrondissement, the 18th near Montmartre.

b) New York – The community gardens in my former NY hood The Lower East Side (Loisaida or LEC,) a map to Earth Celebrations

b1) The Community Garden Movement

c) California‘s Garden Project

d) Dallas has community garden efforts however worth sharing with readers is an item that should be added to any Dallas bucket list is our on Audubon which is part of the Trinity River Audubon Center (DART rail + bus will take you there!)

d1) The garden that partially fed my family household of two during our return to Dallas after a decade in NY. Back in Texas with so much space and possibilities.

Private veggie garden

Gone Green on Swiss Avenue

and our current re-adaptation to apartment life, in green (the digital worker writing this post takes no credit but watering the fellow sentient beings weekly).

Making a garden in the terrace

Apt. living does not mean no garden

A little content dessert (not to confuse with food desert) : four photos with one-liners on Fulton Suri observations during Dallas’ own Greenville Avenue’s St. Patrick’s Parade taken this afternoon.

Common theme along this post: go Green!

~Tech Guerrero

Enrolled in ENGR 5391, learning Human Centered Design, opening new horizons.


2 thoughts on “Community Gardens: Beyond Food Deserts

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  2. I found this comment in a marketing research publication; it is a good reminder for any mainstream research projects:

    ‘It is vital to include disabled participants in mainstream research, as disabled people are among the groups who are excluded but their power as consumers is always evolving ‘

    It was initially written by:

    Jack R.
    Online Community; Social Strategy
    Maya Middlemiss talks to me before the AQR QRCA 2014 Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research in Budapest.

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