HCD moving forward in 3 paragraphs

Come as you are, you will be embraced at "the PQ" -Paul Quinn College's upcoming community store.

Final Project Completed: Come as you are, you will be embraced at “the PQ” -Paul Quinn College’s upcoming community store.



Four months later I can comfortably say that Human Centered Design became an intimate modification in my thought process in regards to the way I visualize concepts, processes, experiences, products and potential idea executions. My wish list is for a Kate Canales’ one sheet with the basic steps that ten fortunate students have learned this spring of 2014. A hand out where each step is contained in a sticky note with Kate’s award-giving font is to remain posted on my desktop at all times …because I have lived the introduction to the process and it has positively modified my perspective, as I share in two paragraphs and images. 

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In the field ❤ primary research

I am part of a team currently named Team P, P for Paul as in Paul Quinn College (PQC) which is our client. This South Dallas academic institution has build the amazing “We Over Me Farm” in a former football filed. PQC is in the middle of a food desert. Our mission is to reflect the success stories and needs of community anchor institutions in their upcoming grocery store (2015 or 16). Part of my sentiment on our primary research with anchoring organizations in the neighborhood follows in  easy-to-read bold words and heart-felt concepts.

Human Centered Design Term Project

Team P AKA The Fantastic Four …or 4 dedicated students learning and working together.

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Brainstorming for DART

Highlights, bolds and links for your rapid reader lifestyle

The latest foray in my Human Centered Design class stems from the individual questions that we all brought to class on AEIOUY insights. The post its were about the previous week’s mission to use DART under different scenarios, and included issues and areas of improvement, as well as assets, social observations, etc. At class each insight was posted in the grid of a Customer Journey Map, which under professor’s direction landed us all in HMW questions grouped in categories. We voted on the three best ones.

Kate Canales instructed on the rules of brainstorming and based on our preferred HMW questions teams were assembled for a design project. Task one: host and attend a brainstorm session. The following insights is how the popcorn burned in team Chase, Jonah, Tech.


How Might We demonstrate DART as a savvy option?

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Active observation and empathy in HCD-thinking per Jane Fulton Suri

So you are in a rush?

Just read the first and last paragraphs, bold font and photo captures.

In daily life we make interpretations about the stuff around us all the time-how it might work and what we can do with it. We develop an exquisite awareness of the possibilities and sensory qualities of different materials, forms, and textures. This awareness is evident from our actions, even when we are not conscious of them-these are our “thoughtless acts.” Understanding these intuitive interpretations might be a significant source of insight for designers.

So Tech needs a big desk, how to make this happen? One day project treating a large board and implementing support with three-drawer columns on each side. Not the most elegant solution yet it has worked during this academic cycle. No keyboard caddy? There’s a table with casters for keyboard and mouse pad flexibility right below the desk. I confess this is the least aesthetic angle of my desktop.

cable clutter

Habits, custom, objects = opportunities for better Human Centered Design

(multiple photos follow this)

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HCD Human Centered Design, why?

When I grow up, which unfortunately is on the verge of happening …again (darn!) I want to work on research and development for social commerce (firms, departments, teams.) My path-of-choice is to further specialize in Applied Anthropology through graduate school or milk Anthropology through one of these programs:

  • Computer and Human Interaction
  • Marketing Research/Consumer Insights or
  • Human Centered Design (HCD) precisely …why? continue reading
Balance, empathy and HCD

Balance, empathy and HCD

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